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In this video I’m going to review firmoo, which is an online shop that sells glasses and sunglasses at insanely cheap prices. The cheapest you can currently get is prescription glasses on a Buy One Get One Free offer for just $19! They approached me, because obviously I wear glasses, so I agreed to check out their service. Also, my girlfriend had mentioned this service to me too so we were both keen to see what the glasses were like.

They gave me a page of glasses to choose from. I’m very particular about the style and size of glasses I buy, and obviously I can’t try them on, so I was very pleased to see that for each pair you get a number of views of the style, a choice of different colours, and detailed measurements of every part of the lens (lens height, width, bridge width etc). So I got the tape measure out and compared the styles on Firmoo to my current frames.

When I found a style I liked, I used their online try on service, where you upload a picture of your face to see what the frames will look like on. I chose the very catchily named #S5611 in tortoise. I uploaded my prescription, which was very easy to do, selected the extras I wanted (firmoo gave me thin frames and an anti-scratch lens upgrade). As standard, the cheapest pair you can get is $19 including lenses, up to to a maximum frame price of $39. The standard free lens package is standard thickness lenses with anti-scratch coating. If you want antireflective, or a tint, or very thin lenses then there are affordable upgrades available. You can, if you want, order just plain lenses with no prescription.

After just over a week, the glasses arrives. They came in this nice map patterned case. Inside are the glasses, some 50% off vouchers for your friends, a cleaning cloth. In the pouch containing the glasses, there was a little screwdriver for adjusting the various screws on the glasses.

The glasses themselves. Prescription exactly as ordered, the lenses are thin, they have that familiar green tint that anti-reflective lenses have. The frames are thin and light and fit well on my face. They have a gold coloured metal backing and arms, and the frames are tortoiseshell. When the light catches the pattern, it glistens. I did have to adjust the nose bridge to get them to sit correctly on my face. But I’m really happy with how they look. I wore them for a day out on a walk, and they were comfortable and I think they look really stylish.

So what do I think of firmoo. The prices are very cheap, the service and delivery is excellent. Being honest, the frames are not as good quality as you might get from a high street shop, but I don’t want to make too much of that as they cost about 20% of the price of highstreet glasses. You could, if you wanted because of a tight budget, wear one pair of firmoo glasses every single day. However, like cheaper clothing, you could buy a number of pairs in different styles and choose the right pair each day to complement your clothes. I think this is firmoo’s real selling point – moving away from that one pair of glasses for two years model that we’ve lived with for so long. You could also buy a pair for painting and decorating, swimming, sport – anything where you might not want to risk damaging an expensive pair. Really, the prices are so cheap that you almost just want to buy a pair to see what they’re like!


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