Free Geo-Targeted Amazon Associate Referral Links


I’m a new YouTuber who reviews smartwatches and other gadgets. I link to the products in the description box for my viewers to visit, and to hopefully make a purchase. By joining the Amazon Affiliates program, I was able to earn a small amount of commission (paid in Amazon gift cards) from those purchases.

The problem is that there are separate Amazon Affiliate sites for several different regional Amazon stores – 12 in total. So if I send someone to but then they buy from, I will not get my referral fee. One way around this is to have a link for each of the stores with an affiliate program. The alternative is to automatically redirect your visitor to the right store based on their geographical location.

Services like this already exist but they either charge based on the number of link clicks, or they take a proportion of the clicks and add their own affiliate ID to them. My service is completely free. However, I do take the clicks that you do not specify an Affiliate ID for and for countries that do not have an Affiliate program.

I hope this is of some use to you. Good luck!

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