Top 10 Alternative LEGO Brands & Alternatives to Lepin – Best Fake LEGO Brands

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Top 10 Alternative LEGO Brands – Ten Fake LEGO Companies
You can get most of these from either their own websites, or Amazon, eBay or Aliexpress. I’ll links down below to the different brands in case you’re interested in checking any of them out. Some of these companies make LEGO copies or designs that are very close to LEGO, which I do not endorse, this review is about their original set designs. Lets start the list in no particular order.
Oxford – South Korean company. I’ve seen big sets including Titanic and other ships, The Eiffel Tower, an HGV truck. They also make smaller military, police and transport sets, as well as Disney and Hello Kitty apparently! I’ve built the Titanic and it’s some of the best LEGO compatible sets I’ve come across. Great bricks that are as good quality as real LEGO, comprehensive instructions, beautiful packaging, and most importantly, well designed models. Also, the company owns Kre-O, which is another fake LEGO manufacturer.
Sluban – Many Sluban kits are just Chinese copies of Oxford kits with some small changes and cheaper quality plastic. For example, they do their own version of the Oxford Titanic kit, but they’ve put propellers on it.
Cobi – A Polish company with really good sets and good quality bricks. This is often peoples’ favourite LEGO alternative. They have an odd range of products, mostly military vehicles and military themes, but they do have regular vehicles like planes, and buses and ships. They even have a Nativity scene kit.
LOZ & Nanoblocks – These sets, often of little figures or buildings, are made out of lots of tiny bricks, sometimes called nano bricks. They are not LEGO compatible. While these models look quite good, they’re a bit boring to put together for me, and too fiddly for my big fat hands. But if you’ve got the patience and the eyesight, there are so many sets by these companies that you’re bound to find something you want to build.
Kazi – They focus mainly on military and city sets, including trains. Lower quality than Cobi, and some of the parts are shockingly cheap. However, a good brand in you’re a fan of tanks, as their models are detailed and well-designed. Note that Kazi mini figures are famous for how awful they are.
Enlighten – Originally they released LEGO kits will small alterations, but they’ve branched out into their own designs, which are quite popular. The build quality is excellent. They used to make trains which are now sadly discontinued.
Xingbao – I mentioned them in my last top 3 video but they’re worth mentioning again. They make MOCs by experienced designers, producing some really cool looking kits. The only let down is they use Lepin bricks, which are not as well made as LEGO, and a lot of people have a problem with Lepin as it makes exact clones of LEGO kits.
GUDI – Superb quality bricks and some of the sets around 2015 are really well designed, especially the sci-fi or military kits. But they also do a lot of city stuff and a space shuttle, Again, their mini figures suck.
Sembo – They do a lot of LEGO cloning, but they are have an amazing original selection of modular buildings, both small and large, and a few vehicles. They are a little dodgy when it comes to the branding they imitate but the kits are really so varied and unlike any other brick company that it makes me want to build my own “LEGO compatible” city.
MOCs – So this isn’t a brand, but at and other sites you can find some extraordinary designs by really talented people – designs that you couldn’t buy from any of the designers in this list. If you’ve got a LEGO collection, then usually you can use a site like bricklink to build an inventory of the bricks you own so that you can see which ones you need for the MOC.


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