Top 5 Shops like Aliexpress – Cheap Chinese Websites, Gearbest, BangGood, eBay, Facebook & Gumtree

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Aliexpress is an online shop where you can buy just about anything. The shop is based in China and is actually made up of lots of individual sellers – so it’s a bit like like a cross between eBay and Amazon. This shop is a way for people outside of China to get cheap prices on Chinese made products… anything from clothes to electronics. I made a video ages ago which is a little guide to shopping at Aliexpress, but I will do an updated guide soon. But in this video I’m going to tell you 5 alternatives to Aliexpress, because you should always shop around to find the best price!

5) – This company is based in the Czech Republic. I’ve seen some amazing prices on Alza. There isn’t as much choice on Alza as there is on Aliexpress, they have 5 categories of items; Electronics and Home, Toys, Fragrances and Watches, Hobby and Garden, and Sport. Free delivery over £250, and express 1-3 day delivery for about £6. If you’re in Europe, then there’ll be no tax or import duty to pay.
4) – Like Aliexpress, Gearbest is based in China. Free delivery on most items, but some very heavy items may cost more, also express shipping. Also like Aliexpress, Gearbest sells just about everything. Personally, I prefer the shopping experience on Gearbest and it’s more like a normal online shop – Aliexpress is more complicated in terms of bulk lots, pricing structures based on the number of units. On Gearbest you see the items, you see the price. As it’s based in China it’ll take a few weeks for your items to arrive, and like most of the shops in this list, be sure to check that you’re getting a good price – not all the prices will be competitive.
3) – BangGood is almost exactly the same as Gearbest, so it’s another place to check for a good price. You won’t find branded items like Lego at these Chinese stores, but you’ll become familiar with many Chinese brands for example Xiaomi, Lenovo etc
2) eBay – So this one might seem obvious, but some people still don’t use eBay! eBay is online shop where people sell new and used items. As a rule it’s better for buyers than sellers, as eBay has a protection guarantee so that if you buy a used item and it’s not as described or it’s broken, you’ll get your money back. You can find just about anything on eBay and sometimes at much lower prices than you’d pay elsewhere. I’ll leave a link to a playlist of videos about buying from eBay down below.
1) Gumtree & Facebook Marketplace – this might be obvious to some of you but I’ve only just started using them and maybe you’re yet to start too. Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace are free to list and sell platforms which are mainly for selling locally, so people can come to your house to buy from you, or you go to theirs to buy from them. You can always contact the seller and ask for an item to be posted, but as there isn’t any sort of buyer protection, you’re really safer dealing face to face. Because it’s free to sell stuff, the prices should be cheaper than eBay, but this is not always the case. Often you will have to haggle with a seller to get the right price. There are some surprises though, as a lot of stuff on there is completely free! I have a friend who got a working cooker completely for free! The items on there are usually furniture, toys, clothes, that sort of thing. You’re unlikely to find the replacement button for your coat or and air filter for your car.

Top 5 Shops like Aliexpress – Cheap Chinese Websites, Gearbest, BangGood, eBay, Facebook & Gumtree

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