$200 XYZprinting da Vinci Junior 3D Printer Review

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In this video I’m going to review a $240 3D printer called the Da Vinci Jr, and it’s by a company called XYZPrinting. The printer arrived in a massive box and inside there is a cardboard shelf with a number of accessories on it, underneath that is the printer. Once you remove all the protective packaging you can finally see the printer, which is very stylish and enclosed unlike a lot of other 3D printers. It really does look like a professional bit of kit. It reminds me a bit of the late 90s Apple iMac computers.

On the front we’ve got a backlit LCD screen from which you can control the printer directly. On the cardboard shelf we have several sticky paper sheets, which you attach to the printer bed, a replacement feeder nozzle for the filament and several tools for cleaning the printer if it gets gunked up with filament. You also get the feeder tube which you have to connect yourself. A memory card which stores a sample models and the printer needs for memory, a scraper which you use to remove your models from the print bed, a roll of white/natural PLA filament – this printer only works with PLA filament , and a user manual which tells you how to setup, use and maintain your printer.

The front of the printer lifts up to reveal the filament spoon, print bed and print head. A key selling point apart from the price, is that this printer is supposed to work straight out of the box. And to my surprise it did. It worked flawlessly straight away and was easy as an ink printer to use. The sample was a little heart pendant which took a little over an hour to print. It’s pretty detailed and looks good, but we’ll take a look at the print quality settings later.

So what should we print? You can make your own 3D models using free software called XYZmaker, or you can print models made by other people. XYZPrinting have an online database of free models to download, I like to sort by rating as you tend to get the best models that way. You’re not just limited to these models though, a website called thingiverse (and there are others) have a huge selection of models from decorative to functional. To my eyes they are better than the XYZPrinting models. There’s also a third option for model making, which is to use free software called 123d catch which makes models from pictures of an object.

Once you’ve found a model you want to print, load it into the XYZware software where can set up the printing. You get a virtual print bed where you can rotate around to inspect the model, you can resize it, move it, and rotate it. The maximum print size is 15x15x15cm, which is not huge but it’s reasonable for the price of this printer.

There are several quality presets but the things I think are important are the layer height, which controls how liney or smooth the vertical lines on the print will be, the infill density which is how dense solid parts should be printed – obviously this changes how strong a print will be. and there are also options for things like rafts or brims which support small models or supports which stop hanging structures from collapsing. The software then works out how it’s going to bring the object in a process called layers, which takes quite some time. You can then zoom in on the processed object and see how the printer is going to process the filament. The software also gives you an estimate of the printing time – be warned 3D printing is a very slow process that takes hours. There is a time remaining estimate on the printer LCD but that is not accurate.

You’re not just limited to white though, they do a range of colours. The only problem is that you have to use XYZ filament, as the printer checks an RFID tag on the spool which keeps track of how much filament has been used. You need to shop around to get a good price on the filament.

This 3D printer is attractive, works out of the box, is a fantastic price and makes good quality models. You won’t get a better printer at this price, but if you want bigger prints, freedom to use other filaments, faster prints and better quality prints then you’d need to spend a lot more.

Nearly $200 3D Printer Unboxing & Review – XYZprinting da Vinci Jr. 1 (3F1J0XEU00E) for PLA Filament

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