7 reasons to collect silver and to start your stacking adventure

Silver is shiny, pretty and fun to collect. Here’s why you should take up stacking.

Hobbies are relaxing to the soul and give you something to do.

Silver is a precious metal. It is mined in limited quantities and there’s a finite amount available on the planet. It is used in many industrial processes and it is used for jewellery. It’s this limited supply with a defined demand that gives Silver its value.

Silver, like gold, isn’t just another metal. Silver is remarkably unreactive, so it doesn’t tarnish as much as other metals. It’s also quite a dense metal, so it weighs a lot for its size.

You can buy practical silver items like bowls, letter openers, ornaments, coins, bars, jewellery. There is such a broad range of items that there’s something for everyone.

Silver is affordable and cheap compared to Gold. You can get silver items for a few pounds up to whatever you’re able to spend. You get more for your money than gold.

Silver is underpriced compared to Gold. Ratio between gold and silver at a high. Eventually, silver will likely become worth more relative to gold, at which point you would sell your silver and buy gold. Silver has a bigger potential to rise, whereas Gold has nearly doubled within the last ten years. Precious metals do well in times of financial uncertainty, because people fear that currencies will collapse and we’ll default back to the real items of value. i.e. physical, precious objects.

It’s a savings pot that you can’t easily touch. So it can be your emergency fund. Although collecting silver isn’t likely to beat well targeted financial investments in say stocks, it’ll probably beat putting your money in your bank.

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