Review of Tanya Burr’s 11-Second Role in Bulletproof & of the GuruGossiper’s Laughable Critique

Review of Tanya in Confidence:

I’m going to make it a bit of feature to review Tanya’s acting performance, so if you’re interested, do subscribe and click the bell icon. In my last video I reviewed her appearance in the stage play, Confidence, which was on at the Southwark Playhouse. I’ll leave a link to that here, but in this video we’re going to talk about her latest appearance in Sky One’s series, Bulletproof.

In my opinion, this is Tanya’s biggest role to date; biggest in the sense that Bulletproof is shown on Sky One and therefore has the largest viewership of anything she’s done so far. I’m afraid that’s where it ends. In case you don’t know, Bulletproof is a new crime drama, set in London, with two chalk and cheese lead characters, whose relationship develops through the course of solving gritty crimes.

Let’s get on to Tanya’s performance. She plays Rebecca, a receptionist, in episode 5 of Bulletproof. Now I’ve read a lot of comments on her performance, mainly on, which rarely is kind to Tanya. They seem to get extraordinary amounts of enjoyment from criticising her. To summarise what I read: she was out of place, confused, flat, underacting, expressing the wrong emotions, displaying multiple personalities, and so on and so forth. Well, the truth is that you can hardly call this an acting role; it is in fact a extra role, and the smallest speaking, extra role that it is possible to have. She has one small sentence, “good morning, how can I help you?” After which she picks up a phone before the lead character instructs her to stop before she makes the call. It is literally a blink and you’ll miss it appearance. She is on screen for approximately 11 seconds.

It is impossible to judge her acting performance from this part. If it wasn’t Tanya in this role, nobody would have paid any attention to the character, either negatively or positively. She doesn’t stand out and with the nature of this part, she’s not supposed to. Frankly, it is laughable that the GuruGossipers have inferred so much from such limited material. Criticising her facial expressions is likely more a personal attack than a factual analysis of her performance. Remeber that what Tanya does in this scene is likely to have been directed at a microscopic level: 1) look up and speak to the guy, 2) pick up the phone and look in the direction of the office… If she was supposed to look shocked then they would have told her to look shocked. There is no room for creative expression when you’re picking up a phone. What’s she supposed to do, swing it around her head?!

So, sadly, I can’t say that this is a good performance, or even that it’s bad. It’s a short appearance as an extra and that’s where it stops. We’ll have to wait for a longer TV appearance to get a grip on Tanya’s true acting ability. Remember, please subscribe and hit the bell button if you want to hear more reviews of Tanya’s acting, check out my review of confidence which I’ll leave here and I’ll see you next time for another video!


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