Top 3 Legal Fake Lego Alternatives to Lepin – Best Fake Lego Brands

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Top 3 Fake Lego Alternatives to Lepin – Best Fake Lego Brands

In this video we’re going to take a look at three alternatives to real Lego. These are also alternatives to Lepin, which is a counterfeit brand that steals Lego designs. You won’t believe the brand at number. So here are three of the best LEGAL alternatives to Lego.

At number three we have the really cheap brands that you’ll find in your local discount store. In the UK, we have brands like Block Zone, WIlko Blox, Block Tech, just to name three. They often come in massive boxes and are very cheap. Great if you want a quick, cheap build, but the down side is that the models are often poorly designed, they bump up the brick count by including lots of small and unnecessary bricks, and the models just aren’t as impressive as they look on the box. But they’re cheap so they’re worth it!

At number two, we have the luxury lego brands. We’re talking Kre-o and Mega bloks. Mega Bloks are focussing mainly on sets for kids now, but you should still be able to find some amazing models like the Starship Enterprise ship, bridge, and transporter room. Kre-o also make licensed models, for example they make a lot of transformer sets. These sets are great because they’re officially licensed so you can sleep at night, but they’re also well designed and look brilliant!

Finally, at number 1, we have a brand called Xingbao. One thing that really used to annoy people about Lepin was that it would steal the MOC (my own creation) designs of really talented people and sell them without giving any credit (financially or otherwise) to the authors. Well Xingbao are another Chinese company that are making everything from tanks, to cars, to buildings, and they are actually paying MOC designers for their work. So they haven’t stolen the designs from Lego or from normal people. I’ve had a look at their work on Aliexpress and it looks like an amazing selection of sets.


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