Top 5 Smartwatches: GT08, K88H, KW18, NO.1 D6 & G5

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Top 5 Smartwatches 2016 Unboxing & Review: GT08, K88H, KW18, NO.1 D6 & G5 from Gearbest & Aliexpress

At number 5 is the No. 1 G5 at about $30. It is packed full of features. It has a rugged sporty design and a vibrant colour screen with some great looking watch faces to choose from. Lots of features that you’ll find on the other watches in this list, including a stopwatch, alarm, calendar, calculator, and remote camera trigger. It’s got a heart rate monitor, pedometer and sleep monitor too. This watch is compatible with iOS and android, and although you can’t send and receive text messages using an iPhone, you can get notifications for text messages sent from your phone and notifications from other apps.

The smartwatch at number 4 is the KW18 costing about $50. It has a sim card and memory card slot, allowing you to make phone calls and send texts from the watch, without being tethered to a phone by bluetooth. With a bit of effort you can upload new watch faces onto this watch. It has all the usual features such as a calculator, calendar, image viewer, music player. By far the most unusual feature of this watch is the voice changer.

Next we have the D6 watch which costs about $80, or $65 for the S6 without the sim card slot. This great watch actually runs a slimmed down version of the Android OS, meaning that you can run android apps on it. It also comes with a list of popular apps that have been specially resigned for the smaller screen on the watch, such as YouTube and Facebook. It has a quad core processor and is very fast to use. Other great features are GPS which allows you to use Google Maps and Wifi, which means you can browse the internet without being tethered to a phone or without a sim card. Huge range of faces preinstalled and a large online database of additional faces to choose from.

Just missing the top is the GT08 which you can buy for about $15. This is a really popular smartwatch, in fact my review of it is the most watched video on my channel. This smartwatch is an Apple Watch clone, in that it is has been designed to look like an Apple Watch. The software however is completely different. It uses this menu system that you see on a lot of smartwatches. The GT08 is great for several reasons. Firstly, it’s very reasonably priced. Secondly, it has some fancy looking watch faces which make the watch look more classy and expensive that it is. Thirdly it has a sim card slot, meaning that you can text or make phone calls from it without pairing it. In case you don’t want to do that, you can pair it with iPhones and Android phones. It’s also got a memory card slot so you can store images and music on it too. The watch has a front facing camera which allows you to take photos and videos.

My favourite smartwatch of 2016 is the K88H. You can get it from Gearbest for about $44. A stylish watch with a black metal surround and circular face. Great choice of 6 different watch faces. Tilt to wake feature, if you tilt the watch up the screen turns on. Usual array of health tracking stuff, including step counter and a heart rate monitor, and all this stuff can sync with the iPhone or Android app. One of the best features is that you can actually use Siri if you’re connected to an iPhone by bluetooth. Although you can’t send text messages from an iPhone, this watch does work with notifications on your iPhone or android phone.

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