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Atomic Shrimp, one of my favourite channels, has just hit 500,000 subscribers! This homage gently touches on some of the various topics covered on his channel, including woodland, dogs and mushroom foraging. If you enjoy just 1% of this video, you’ll love his channel.
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Atomic Shrimp was kind enough to provide the following commentary on the video:
…what follows is a practical example of why mushroom ID needs care and close attention – to conclusively ID most of the fungi here, closer and more detailed examination would be necessary, together with observation of nearby tree species and other factors such as soil and general type of location (e.g. open woodland vs forest, etc).

All identifications are tentative (ID by photo or video should never be taken as conclusive)
1:11 Really not sure – I would have to see the underside to start narrowing down the ID on that one
1:58 looks like Many-zoned Polypore (Coriolus versicolor)
2:03 Unsure – possibly Hypholoma of some kind
2:23 Phellinus igniarius, I think
2:36 too brief a glimpse, but maybe Polyporus badius
4:00 Yeah, Polyporus badius, I think
4:56 Not sure – Mycena or Coprinus perhaps
6:00 Possibly Common Funner Cap (Clitocybe infundibuloformis)
9:57 The log looks like pine, so I think that’s Fomitopsis pinicola
10:17 Galerina mutabilis, I think
10:24 Shaggy Inkcap or Lawyer’s Wig – Coprinus comatus (very sure of this ID – it’s a very distinctive mushroom)
10:31 more Coprinus comatus (before they start to deliquesce). Edible and quite delicious at this stage)
10:39 Maybe some species of Tricholoma
12:20 Beefsteak Fungus Fistulina hepatica
12:43 Geastrum triplex
13:05 Don’t know, but I see these a lot in managed woodland near me. Inocybe maybe, or Panoelus
13:16 Artist’s Fungus – Ganoderma applanatum – the brown powdery stuff is the spores. If you scratch the white underside of this fungus with a twig or some other pointy object, the scratch will immediately darken to a dark brown or blue-black colour (hence the common name – you can draw pictures on the underside)
13:27 could be Fairie’s Bonnets AKA Trooping Crumble-Cap – Coprinus disseminatus

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