5 Reasons Why The Orville is Better Than New Star Trek

I recently discovered @The Orville. I love it and think it’s better than modern Star Trek, such as Discovery and Picard. In this video, I’m going to give you 5 reasons why it’s so much better.
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1. Aesthetics.The ship, inside and out, is very reminiscent of Star Trek TNG and VOY. The light-bluish gray ship’s hull and saucer shape. The interior is extremely similar too. A kind of 80’s minimalist styling which you could quite easily believe is just a reimagining of Star Trek. The uniforms, weapons and technology are all subtle redevelopments of the versions in Star Trek. By contrast, both Discovery and Picard fail to recapture the original essence of Star Trek and either make things generically futuristic or very industrial and functional.
2. Cameras. Ever since JJ Abrams relaunched Star Trek in 2009, we’ve been suffering lens flares, jaunty camera angles and fast moving action shots. A long way from Kirk battling the laughable Gorn in TOS. It’s a stylistic gimmick which doesn’t fit with a serious science fiction series. The Orville returns to action packed tension and superb CGI, essentially bring TNG up to date, without inducing motion sickness.
3. Characters. Discovery is more about sassy empowered characters trying to educate the audience about race, gender and sexuality, rather than actual personality and character development. As a long term Star Trek fan, it’s also a bit annoying that they pretend that Star Trek has never tackled these issued before.The very foundation of Star Trek the Original Series was a hugely diverse bridge crew of men and women, every different race, colour and species. Star Trek Voyager had a strong and interesting female lead character long before Discovery tried and failed to deliver one. The Orville pays an obvious homage to TNG with a huge range of characters, such as Bortis, a character will more than a passing resemblance to a Kingon, and Isaac, an artificially intelligent lifeform who doesn’t understand humour. But it also pushes the frontiers with characters like Alara, a female security officer with super-human strength. You warm to these characters and are interested to see what happens to them over the course of the season.
4. You may be shocked to find several star trek actor cameos in the Orville, including Robert Picado and Marina Sirtis, helping to give the Orville a familiar feeling and a kind of knowing nod from the Star Trek universe. Picard also pulls this off to some extent with Sirtis and Frakes, and I don’t mind Picard as much as DIS, but somehow the cameos in Orville are more acceptable and fitting. Why? Seth Farlane is a massive Star Trek fan, and even appeared in an episode of Star Trek Enterprise, and there are pictures of a young Seth in a fan made star trek episode. It is clear that Seth loves Star Trek, and the Orville is his dream to bring back classic Trek and to Captain a starship for himself.
5. The stories. New Star Trek has adopted a new mode of storytelling not previously used in the franchise. The narrative is spread across the entire season, rather than self-contained episodes as in TNG and VOY. Yes, VOY had it’s overarching journey home and DS9 had the dominion war, but DIS requires you to watch the whole season with an eidetic memory . Unlike Breaking Bad, which gets away with this style of storytelling, DIS fails spectacularly. They seem to think that complexity and the continual subversion of your expectations will make it compelling to watch. Personally, I find it tiring and uninteresting. The Orville reverts to old-school self-contained episodes; The ship encounters an enemy, or goes to a planet, or has a crisis on board. You witness the characters journey through a hardship, and finally your expectations are subverted in a single, bold and obvious way. The payoff is far more rewarding and should be very familiar to fans of TNG and VOY. Lastly, if you don’t like an episode, you’re not buggered for the entire season.

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