Top 5 Tips for Buying Cheap LEGO

Buying LEGO from BrickLink:
Using Rebrickable:

Top 5 Tips to Get Cheap Lego

Best for discontinued sets. You can buy cheaply by parting out sets and excluding mini figures, stickers and instructions. BrickLink also has some well priced new and used complete sets. I showed you how to buy a UCS R2-D2 and UCS X-wing red 5 at a much cheaper price in a previous video. You can also use Rebrickable to make use of your current LEGO inventory when building a new set.

Discounts with High Street and Online Retailers
This works best for new sets. Some websites have great discounts. Argos has 2 for 3, Walmart frequently has offers and watch out for Amazon’s prime days. Be warned, online prices aren’t always the cheapest. LEGO stores often have exclusive sets that you won’t find cheaper anywhere else.

You’ll find a wealth of new and used sets and job lots of used parts. There are hidden gems on eBay so be creative when looking for sets. Spelling mistakes are common, so try different spellings to see if more listing pop up. Likewise, missing information from lazy sellers is a favourite; so sometimes the less information you include in your search the more sets you’ll find.

Garage Sales
In my experience people sell sets much cheaper than you can buy them for online. People don’t have the hassle of listing the items or paying fees, so they’re more open to offers. A lot of the time it seems as if the people selling don’t know what the sets are worth. You can often find facebook groups advertising items for sale in your local area, and check Facebook Marketplace too. I recently filmed a LEGO haul in which I bought £120 of LEGO from a garage sale and got some unbelievable bargains, including a 1:8 scale Ferrari, which is spectacular.

Toy fairs
I went to one recently and was very surprised to find very cheap discontinued LEGO sets. Not always boxed but complete and with instructions. Great selection of unusual sets and you can see them in person.

If you’ve got friends who collect LEGO, trade with them. Perhaps they’ve got a set you want and you’ve got one they want, or perhaps they’re just looking to sell. You know who you’re buying from and it might be easier to do a deal with a friend.


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