Top 10 Tips for Saving Money Everyday – How to Spend Less Money and Save More

10) Be enterprising. You’ll never be able to save more than you earn. The answer is to earn more. Change jobs, negotiate a pay increase if possible, or just be enterprising. For a while I made iPhone apps, and now I make YouTube videos in my spare time. Ideally it should be a fun activity so you don’t give up.

9) Identify your biggest expenses: Can you lower your phone bill? Do you really need Sky TV? Why are you buying £100 worth of coffees each month? I make a spreadsheet of my expenses so that I can see what I’m spending on. You might be surprised where your money is going. Once you’ve found them, ask yourself if you really need to buy it and are there cheaper alternatives? Make your own coffee, change your mobile phone provider etc.

8) Easy money: Cashback sites like quidco where you get back a small percentage of your purchase price, bank account interest, some bank accounts offer cashback on purchases. Three easy ways of making extra money for doing nothing other than signing up and continuing on as normal.

7) Shop around: Use price comparison sites, look up prices on different sites. Don’t be sucked in by brands – sometimes the generic products can be just as good.

6) Become numerate: You need to be able to work out which offers are actually worthwhile. Buy 2 get one free, save 35% or 50% extra free; which is better?

5) Use credit wisely: Some credit is cheap, or even free, so as long as you pay it off at the end of the month you’re still making interest on that money whilst it’s in your bank account. Some cards also give you a bit of cashback too. But don’t let it get out of control!

4) Set savings targets. Forces you to consider every purchase.

3) Buy second hand – Don’t be afraid of second hand items.

2) Sell things you don’t need. Don’t just stick things away in a draw.

1) Be disciplined with your spending. Every purchase you make, do you really need it? We all like a spend now and then and actually it can be therapeutic and enjoyable, but it’s even sweeter when you wait.


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