Real vs Fake LEGO: Top 10 Differences Between Fake LEGO Sets & Genuine LEGO Sets

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Real vs Fake LEGO: Top 10 Differences Between Fake LEGO Sets & Genuine LEGO Sets

Websites are flooded with fakes. In this video I show you how to spot a fake LEGO product or to see if your LEGO is fake.

1 – Price. If you see a price that’s too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t be fooled though, because a fake is not good value, it is an illegal, inferior copy of the real thing.

2 – Bundles of 50 minifigures. LEGO do not sell these. Fake minifigures are quite possibly the biggest problem at the moment for LEGO. The fakes are much cheaper made and so much so that they could break in your hands. What’s more they’re worthless.

3 – Product listings will try to avoid the word LEGO, or trademarks like STAR WARS. They don’t want to make their counterfeiting too obvious… just stealing product designs and artwork, and copying themes that they don’t have the licenses to use.

4 – LEGO is the only company licensed to make Star Wars products. Also the Technic, Friends or other LEGO themes are exclusive to LEGO. If you see anything from any of these themes in brick form by a company other than LEGO, then it’s a fake.

5 – New LEGO comes in boxes. If the toy you’re buying is advertised as new but doesn’t seem to come in a box, then it’s probably fake.

6 – If you do buy a fake by accident, you will notice that the quality is nowhere near that of LEGO. The bricks are not made of the same type of plastic. The colours will be different, the finish of the bricks will be different, the bricks can leave a strange residue on yours hands.

7 – LEGO instructions are very well printed and easy to follow. Fake instructions are printed on cheaper paper, the colour reproduction is poor so it’s difficult to know which bricks you need.

8 – LEGO will always print LEGO on the studs of their bricks, while fake manufacturers will not.

9 – LEGO is based in Denmark, and they never ship products from China. Be warned, customs in some countries are confiscating fake LEGO, so your shipment might never arrive anyway.

10 – Occasionally, LEGO slip up with the odd missing brick. I’ve had brick missing from one set in 30 years. Fake LEGO isn’t manufactured to the same exacting standards – so if you get a set and there are several bricks missing, you might have bought a fake.


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