Top 10 eBay Selling Tips – How to Make More Money – eBay Advice Part 4

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Top 10 eBay Selling Tips – How to Make More Money – eBay Advice Part 4

10 Buy it now or best offer: If you want to list a buy it now, why not add the best offer feature? It allows buyers to send you offers to consider. List your item for a bit more than you’d realistically want and let buyers send you offers – that way you see what people are willing to pay and your buyers feel like they’ve got a bargain

9 Keywords: Put as many keywords in your title as possible. eBay’s search system isn’t very smart but you can maximise the chances of people finding your listing by adding as many relevant terms to your title as possible.

8 eBay offers: If you’re selling something expensive, wait until eBay send you a final value fee offer . For example, 75% off the 10% final value fee. You’ll still have the PayPal fees to pay, but on a $200 item you’ll be saving $15!

7 Do your research. Don’t just guess the price you should be listing at. Look at completed listings to get an idea of the prices that your item has sold for in the past. Take into account the colour, size, condition, all that sort of stuff, because all these things can affect the price. You can always try to get more than other people have managed, but you’ll sell it more quickly if you put a competitive and reasonable price on your item.

6 Be detailed. Unless you’re selling something really obvious like a new dvd, where the basics might be ok, take lots of good, clear photos, describe the item in detail. Be honest with the description. Buyers don’t like to feel cheated out their money. Ask yourself whether you’d buy from your listing.

5 Be careful with postage. A few times I’m assumed a postage cost for an item and then had a nasty shock when I actually went to post it. There are postage calculators online, so get your scales and tape measure out to work out how much it’ll cost.

4 Be smart with postage. following on from the previous point, a nice little trick is that for some very expensive large or heavy items, it can actually be cheaper to send more than one parcel. Not great if you’re selling a vase, but listings with multiple parts could be split across a few packages if it’s cheaper.

3 Protect yourself. If you’re sending an expensive item, use the right amount of postal insurance, only send to the address shown on the paypal transaction, take photos of your item (especially serial numbers and condition) in case something goes wrong.

2 Timing is everything. Make sure your listings end at a human time. The best times are on the weekend, especially Sunday. If your listing ends at 2am then not many people will be awake to bid on it.

1 Don’t be naughty. Don’t bid on your own items or get your friends to. Don’t end listings because you’re not going to get as much money as you thought you would. Eventually you’ll get into trouble!

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