Russell Hobbs Platinum Coffee Maker Review

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Russell Hobbs Platinum Grind and Brew Coffee Maker, Bean to Cup, 14899 Unboxing & Review

My coffee grinder broke this morning and I thought well why not replace my filter coffee machine and coffee grinder with an all-in-one, or bean to cup as it’s known, coffee machine. I went to Hughs Electrical this afternoon and bought this Russell Hobbs Platinum Collection grind and brew coffee maker for about £84. I’m going to make a cup of coffee and see whether or not this is any good. It has a digital program control, which basically just means you can set a timer for when it’s going to make a fresh brew. Also a fine to coarse bean grind setting so you can control how fine the coffee beans are going to be ground up. Up to 10 cup size selection which is pretty good, although in my experience this is a double an actual cup size. So 10 actually means that it can make five normal cups of coffee. I’m going to use Taylor’s Rich Italian coffee beans. I buy 1 kilogram bags of this from amazon for about £12 and I’ve found them to be a great balance of excellent value for money and taste. In conclusion, this coffee machine is extremely easy to use. I love the fact you can just put the beans into the container, set it going and it does the whole process from start to finish.

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